New digital image and texture packs are up!

The use of images and textures in any type of digital design/art is necessary. Designers and graphic artists should have a healthy collection of resources in their toolbox so they are always ready to create something new and exciting – and ready for any possible scenario. I think I can help with this.

I have been collecting images of different types of textures – wood, metal, botanical, brick, water, graffiti, miscellaneous images that defy categorizing, and some I created myself using other textures and brushes. Each Pack contains 12 high-resolution images ready for download. Twice a month I will be adding new packs so you will always have something new to use. The Etsy Store is up and ready to go here – https://www.etsy.com/shop/SweeneyPhotograph 

Oh and there’s something else new – Packs are now priced at $2.99!!

Business portraits Milwaukee WI


Why do I need to update my professional business portrait?

Do you want to begin every new business relationship with a lie?

This sounds a bit over dramatic but it’s true. We have become a nation/world of highly visual people. Potential customers are using the internet to seek out professionals and companies for all of their needs. Is the image you are using on your sites who you are today or who you were 10 years ago? When they meet you for the first time will they recognize you? If they don’t – what do you think that says to your new client?

Business portraits need to be updated every two years – minimum.

Call today so I can help you put your best face forward!

Business portraits in Milwaukee, WI


New job?  Recently promoted?

When was the last time you updated your professional portrait?  If it’s been more than two years you need to have a new one taken.  Seriously.  Styles change quickly – do you really want potential clients to think you’re not up with the latest trends?  I know that sounds a bit ridiculous but most people want to know that the professional they choose for any service is current and relevant in their industry.  People are visual.  If you look outdated – then maybe you aren’t that innovative person they are looking to hire.

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Yoga photographer in Northern California


Working with Point Of You Yoga

I have always enjoyed taking yoga classes but have never really settled into daily practice. Working with Chrys (Point Of You Yoga) while I’m here in Santa Rosa has started to change this. “Do the yoga Mary” constantly bounces around in my head. So I’m starting to just do the yoga. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

We’ve taken off on some day trips to hike and eat food and do a few mini photo shoots. I am having a blast with these sessions!! There is nothing like being thigh deep in the ocean while taking photos at sunset of this magnificent yogi jumping off of a huge boulder. Seriously. I don’t even mind hiking up a mountain drenched in sweat thighs burning hating nature until we find the perfect spot to stop and take the most glorious photo of the most serene pose on a boulder. This is a good life.

I would love to meet and work with other yogis in the area. I haven’t really worked out day/half-day rates so let’s open this up to – pay what you can. Not even kidding. I really love doing these sessions and would love to work with as many of you as I can. Give me a call or contact me through email, Facebook, LinkedIn – wherever. The social media buttons on my homepage will take you to all the sites – phone number is 608-204-9454.

Let’s do some yoga and takes some photos!!