Business portraits Milwaukee WI

Business head shots are a necessity with today’s online marketing. No one really loves getting them taken but I promise to make it painless and dare I say – FUN?! Sessions take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Retouching is not over done – I take away what isn’t permanent and put a light polish on the rest. No Snapchat filters will be used (insert laughing emoji here).

Here are some tips to help you look your best for your portraits:

~Get lots of sleep.

~Drink plenty of water starting several days before your session.

~ Moisturize your skin and lips prior to the shoot (you too guys).

~Don’t try any new skin products or hair styles right before your photo shoot.

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Business portraits Milwaukee WI

Why do I need to update my professional business portrait?

Do you want to begin every new business relationship with a lie?

This sounds a bit over dramatic but it’s true. We have become a nation/world of highly visual people. Potential customers are using the internet to seek out professionals and companies for all of their needs. Is the image you are using on your sites who you are today or who you were 10 years ago? When they meet you for the first time will they recognize you? If they don’t – what do you think that says to your new client?

Business portraits need to be updated every two years – minimum.

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Graphic Design in Milwaukee WI

I’ve been working with a retailer designing some exclusive products for their store. It’s been a lot of fun going from “I have some ideas” to being able to provide a tangible product. Kind of cool to hear a client say, “this is even better than what I was thinking”!

I also designed a person guitar pick to use as alternate “business card”. Contact me if you’d like something a little more exciting for your marketing tools.


Business portraits in Milwaukee, WI

New job?  Recently promoted?

When was the last time you updated your professional portrait?  If it’s been more than two years you need to have a new one taken.  Seriously.  Styles change quickly – do you really want potential clients to think you’re not up with the latest trends?  I know that sounds a bit ridiculous but most people want to know that the professional they choose for any service is current and relevant in their industry.  People are visual.  If you look outdated – then maybe you aren’t that innovative person they are looking to hire.

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