Introducing our first digital Senior Portrait Package!

This fabulous new package includes everything a Graduate is looking for in the Digital Age!


The package includes:


The Combo Session


A proof booklet with all the proofed images


A disk with all the proofed images – light/color corrected (proofed images are not retouched)


Five of your favorite images professionally retouched and ready to print – where ever and when ever you choose to print!




We have never offered a package like this and are super excited to present it to all of you on our official 10th Anniversary date.  Thank you Madison Wisconsin!  Here’s to the next ten!!!



10th Anniversary Senior Portrait Special ~ Madison, WI

There are still a few appointments left for our Super Senior Session Special!!

2012 marks 10 years of Senior Portraits and Graduations in Madison, WI!!  It’s hard to believe that a decade has passed and I don’t look a single day older.  Come and help us welcome the next decade with this awesome senior portrait experience.  We can’t wait to meet you!!


The Super Senior Session:



(Regular Price – $250)


This offer is open to any 2013 Graduate from June 1st – June 10th only.  These sessions are a BLAST but VERY LIMITED.  Call today to schedule your appointment!


This amazing session starts here in the studio with 2 backgrounds and 2 fashion changes. We will then take your journey of self-expression on the road to State Street. There we will find a cornucopia of set changes to bring out your edgy side, the stately you or any aspect of your personality you want to share with the world! After a brief stop back at the studio for your 4th change (and a quick beverage to rehydrate) we will go in search of a bounty of botanicals to free the tree-hugger inside of you. There will be trees! There will be wooden structures called bridges and maybe a gazebo and then our signature dip in the creek. (Dip in the creek is not required but in ten years – only two have declined the opportunity.)


Professional photographers versus snapshot shooters

Today, while looking at the wedding announcement section of a popular local magazine I found examples of both types of photography.  It was very apparent which of the couples had invested in a professional photographer and which of them used a “weekend warrior”.  The reason I feel compelled to post today is because I was appalled by one of the photos one of these alleged pros actually submitted.  I just felt badly and wondered why this couple chose to use this photographer.


I could go on and on about these snapshot pros and their mentality of “if I buy an expensive camera I can make some extra cash” – but I won’t.  As with all types of businesses, there is a market for every level of service and product quality.  I understand that budgets are sometimes the determining factor when it comes to hiring a photographer – but it shouldn’t be the only one.  When I was a teenager my mom said, “I would rather buy one really great sweater and wear it for years than three cheap sweaters I can wear once”.  I never understood this statement until recently.  I have a dozen inexpensive sweaters and they’re okay.  But every time I want to look special – you better believe I put on the one really great sweater I purchased in one of those rare moments when I listened to my mom.  I believe that this is how you should think when hiring a photographer to shoot your wedding – or graduation, baby’s first year or business portrait.  Take your own snapshots – take thousands of them!  They are important in marking your family history.  But when it comes to those events that are once in a lifetime important – please hire an established professional photographer.  I have never heard a bride say she wished she had skimped on the photography.  But I have heard the regrets of many that wished they hadn’t.


I hesitate to post the photos below because never wanted to show the before and after (side by side) to any bridal couple.  Let me just say that every single bride I have ever photographed that wears a strapless gown will look like the one below in some of their photos.  It’s just the way it works when you have that much going on with the dress and what it takes underneath to hold up the dress.  This is a sample of what a professional photographer does.  The photograph on the right is how every bride should look back on her wedding day.