Everyday Objects Are Art Project 2014

When I look around I see art everywhere – at the grocery store, in a lock on a door or a broken window. Art is there and waiting for us to discover it and share it.

I typically start my new art projects at the beginning of each year but honestly, I was a bit uninspired this year. Thanks to the polar vortex, trying to keep warm was my main priority. Even though I’m still a bit chilled, an idea popped into my head as I was making coffee this morning. I was looking down into my glass as I poured coffee over the ice and I saw art. The ice melted into odd shapes and the light hit the edges causing this golden halo that was nothing short of beautiful. Yes, yes – I think coffee is the most beautiful thing on the planet but there was more to it today.

So here’s the project. Bring me an ordinary, everyday object. Something that is not already art. Bigger than a grape but small enough to carry easily. I will take some photos and create some art. All the original photos and the art will be shared here. If you like anything you see – let me know and we’ll see about getting you a print.

Bring me an object!!!

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