Wedding photography in Madison WI

What happens when you start organizing files?  Well you find a lot of gorgeous wedding photos that you never shared online.  Here’s one but if you want more just click on the Gallery tab above.  Oh – and I hope you like wedding pictures because I’ll be sharing more soon!

IMG_9007 wedding photography in Madison WI

Wedding photographer in Madison WI

Sweeney Photography has been busy

Wonder what we’ve been up to lately?  You mean other than moving the studio to a brand new location?  Here’s a few of the faces we’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

There are still a few appointments available during the holidays.  Anyone optimistic enough to schedule their appointment on 12/22/12 will get a free 8×10 added to their portrait package.  🙂


IMG_9940 IMG_0759 IMG_4142 IMG_9837 IMG_9900 IMG_9939

Weddings & Seniors & Calendars -Oh My!!

Sweeney Photography has been busy!!

In the last several months I have been helping local professionals put their best face forward with new publicity portraits.  We have captured wonderful “I do” moments and have photographed some of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen!  I’ve helped mark many first birthdays and soon-to-be new additions to a few families.  The Class of 2013 has never been more promising and every senior portrait session as produced amazing portraits of some really great kids .. I mean, young adults.  I walked the grounds at Summerfest so many times that I lost count and photographed some awesome artists from the photo pits.  And let’s not forget the wonderful calendar sessions for the upcoming Thunder Run calendar at Capital City Harley-Davidson.  Yes it has truly been a crazy, busy, fun, exhilarating, exhausting, hilarious, awesome and amazing Spring and Summer!!!

So before the next phase of photography fun begins I think a short vacation is in order.  I have been super fortunate to be invited along to … HAWAII!!!!  I am really excited to be able to spend some time with a wonderful friend and experience a couple of the gorgeous islands for the first time.  Truly a dream come true!

While I’m enjoying some fresh pineapple in paradise the studio will be closed.  But don’t worry – I will be back on September 6th.  Please feel free to email as I will be attempting to check that periodically.  Or you can leave a voice mail and I will return your call when I get back.

Thank you all for helping make Sweeney Photography what it is today!!  I’m looking forward to some time away but I’m really excited about the projects and sessions that will be waiting for me when I come home!!!

Who is the ideal bride for Sweeney Photography?

During a recent conversation with a representative from I was asked a few questions about my business to see if we (as businesses) would be a good fit for each other.  The first question was, “What makes you different from other photographers?”  I laughed and said, “Well I could say it’s my unique vision and attention to detail.  But I think that if you’re a professional photographer you should have those things – they are a standard and not unique.  Quite honestly I have been trying to answer this question for a while now.”  She then asked, “Who is the ideal bride for Sweeney Photography?”  I answered, “I think the ideal couple for Sweeney Photography believes the most important part of their day is that they are marrying their best friend.”  She paused and said, “That is what makes you different from all the other photographers I’ve talked to.”  I was a bit confused and she continued, “Every other photographer I have spoken to in the Madison/Milwaukee markets has answered – a bride that can pay me.”  I was and still am – dumbfounded.  She then said, “I think you finally have the answer to the first question and it’s a really wonderful answer.”